Character Interactions

Hey everybody! Evan Doody here again. It’s been quite some time since my last technical blog post and I wanted to share some of the things we have been working on.

Today I’m going to briefly talk about our double layered character skeletons. As you probably know from videos, images, or previous blog posts, we’re making a 2 dimensional game that moves in 3 dimensional space. One of the many, MANY, problems this causes will arise when two characters attempt to interact with each other. For a majority of the time, it’s not important for a player to be able to tell exactly which character is standing in front of another. The player and the enemies on screen rarely overlap or interact directly. This was not the case, however, when we introduced grappling.


Wulverblade will playable at NERG this weekend!

Hey Everyone,

If you’re anywhere near the North East this coming weekend (20-21st June) then head over to Gateshead International Stadium for NERG (North East Retro Gaming) as Wulverblade will be playable for the whole weekend! Plus I’ll be there (Mike) for the entire time to talk you to death if you dare strike up conversation ha haa. There will be around 100 retro arcade machines and a further 100 classic pinball machines, so couple that with a load of old consoles, places to buy retro stuff and of course Wulverblade, then its a weekend well spent ;)

More info on the official site:

I’m pretty well mixed up with the retro/arcade scene in the UK hence me taking Wulverblade to a good few retro focused shows. The game just feels so at home in this environment, especially the arcade version! The feedback I’ve got at every show has been amazing.

I’ll be turning this show into a research field trip too as the east coast (around Newcastle) is the end of Hadrian’s Wall and scattered around are tonnes of old Roman sites. Superb. I’m planning a drive up to the remains of Fort Bremenium (one of the many locations in the game) and also going to see the reconstructed section of the wall at Walls End. Nice.

Exhausting but thoroughly enjoyable few days ahead!


The Wulverblade E3 2015 Trailer is Live!

Hey Everyone!

Well as you all well know by the lack of updates on here, we’ve been rather busy. The game is coming along oh so well and its now time to show you what we’ve been up to!

The new trailer was held back for Microsoft to use at E3 and as that press conference has now happened, we can show it to the world, yey!

In this new trailer you get another tiny glimpse of the epic storyline and most importantly, you get to meet Brennus and Guinevere! These are the two other playable characters alongside Caradoc, the main protagonist.  Brennus is the powerhouse and Guinevere is one with speed on her side. Each character has very unique attacks and moves so you need to learn each ones combat style and make your choice as to who suits you the most. Needless to say, each one loves to hack up enemies ;)

The trailer also touches on some more of the combat and also gives you a glimpse of some of the other levels.

All likes, tweets, comments and shares are HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGELY APPRECIATED. We don’t have any form of PR budget as we are all utterly broke, so everyone’s kindness in sharing this means the world to us.

Thanks everyone, feel free to post questions and we’ll be sure to answer them!



Play Blackpool – What an Amazing Show!

Hey Everyone!

Wow! What a truly awe inspiring 3 days that was! The reception that Wulverblade has had at the past few shows I’ve been to has been overwhelming, but Play Blackpool’s reception was something else entirely! Thank you SO much to everyone that stopped by and said hi. You all rock.

Here’s a few shots of the setup…

IMG_0206 IMG_0207

All this fits in the back of my Land Rover would you believe! Its like Tetris on hard!


And a quick Vine to give off a little more atmosphere:

For the entire 3 days the Wulverblade stand was packed! And I mean packed. Most people that I spoke to mentioned how they’d been passed by a number of times trying to get a go, but it’d been too busy. The best bit was that even after 6000 people passed through the doors and the game was played continuously, all I heard was positive feedback, not one single negative, not one!


Wulverblade at Play Blackpool All Bank Holiday Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

If you’re in the north of England this weekend and fancy trying out Wulverblade, we’ll be at Play Blackpool (I say we, it’ll just be me, Mike) from Saturday to Monday! For anyone attending you’re in for a treat as for the first time we’ll be showing off ALL the playable characters! This is the first time they’ve been publicly shown so if you’ve played before at a previous show, there’s LOTS more to see. We’ll be bringing the Xbox One version and the dedicated arcade cabinet again as that went down a storm previously!

Play Blackpool is an amazing event, I’ve been attending since its inception many years ago. Its basically a massive collection of over 100 old arcade cabs, almost every console ever made and almost every computer ever made all open for free play! The event is superb and perfectly located in the seaside town of Blackpool.  Head on down, its great for all ages!

Check out the highlights from last year:

See you there!



NEW screenshots! YEY!

Not a whole lot to add to the title other than more YEY! We’ve promised more in-game shots for ages and not delivered. So here you go! These certainly arent finished by any means, we still cant really call them BETA images to be honest, but its an update none the less!

Wulverblade-Screenshot-11 Wulverblade-Screenshot-12 Wulverblade-Screenshot-00 Wulverblade-Screenshot-01 (more…)

Wulverblades First Preview in Official Xbox Magazine!

Hey everyone, Mike here again…finally.

Wow, we’ve been WAY too quiet on here! October was our last post, ouch. Needless to say, we’ve all been cranking away getting this game made and loving every last second. We’re cramming loads into this special game and we promise that its going to be worth the wait.

So, lots has been going on, but for now, lets focus on this preview!


Last month I took a rather fab road trip down to the Roman city of Bath to show Wulverblade off to the wonderful folks at Official Xbox Magazine, specifically, Kate Gray for an official preview.  Bath is a fair old trek from where I am (best part of 10hrs on the road it turned out) but it was a good excuse to show off the game and to spend a few hours in the amazing Roman Baths. (more…)

Interview and Gameplay Preview with Geek Pride

Hey guys,

Just wanted to post up an interview that we did with Geek Pride at Play Expo a couple of weeks ago. The chaps were kind enough to sit down and chat for a while and let me (Mike) ramble on about the history for way longer than I should have ;)

Thanks again to the team at Geek Pride, it was a blast to meet you all and I’m glad you enjoyed the game!

You can find Geek Pride around the web here…




Post PlayExpo and Winning Best Indie 2014 Award

Hey Everyone!

Wow, what an absolutely INCREDIBLE weekend! Play Expo was an absolute BLAST!

Over 20,000 people turned up to the event and it was absolute madness all weekend, the Wulverblade stand was in a constant state of play the entire time. It was suuuuuuuuuperb! And to top it all off Wulverblade managed to win the ‘Peoples Choice Award – Best Indie Game 2014’! I’ll go into more detail below with a blow by blow account :) Needless to say, we’re all buzzing!

Set-up Day –

So, set up day was as stressful as you’d expect, packing everything into my Landrover makes the last wave of Tetris seem easy! 1 arcade cab, 50″ screen, 2 PC’s, lighting, 15ft banner, 3 roller banners, roman helmet, props, table covers, flyers and me! Once there it was time to get the stand built up. There was a bit of a hiccup with the stand at first, but once that was ironed out with the organisers it was time to build!

PlayExpoWulverbladeSetup02 (more…)