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Yey, Wulverblade got featured on Kotaku!

Hey Everyone, sorry for the lack of updates of late, we’re working seriously hard on Wulverblade at the moment and we promise some more meaty updates soon.

In the meantime, here’s a BIG THANKS to Keza McDonald (@kezamcdonald) for adding Wulverblade into Kotaku’s ’51 British Games to look out for in 2016′ article! We are mentioned alongside some very prestigious names so we feel really honoured to be in the feature!

Take a look:

Thanks again Kotaku!



Wulverblades First Preview in Official Xbox Magazine!

Hey everyone, Mike here again…finally.

Wow, we’ve been WAY too quiet on here! October was our last post, ouch. Needless to say, we’ve all been cranking away getting this game made and loving every last second. We’re cramming loads into this special game and we promise that its going to be worth the wait.

So, lots has been going on, but for now, lets focus on this preview!


Last month I took a rather fab road trip down to the Roman city of Bath to show Wulverblade off to the wonderful folks at Official Xbox Magazine, specifically, Kate Gray for an official preview.  Bath is a fair old trek from where I am (best part of 10hrs on the road it turned out) but it was a good excuse to show off the game and to spend a few hours in the amazing Roman Baths. (more…)

Interview and Gameplay Preview with Geek Pride

Hey guys,

Just wanted to post up an interview that we did with Geek Pride at Play Expo a couple of weeks ago. The chaps were kind enough to sit down and chat for a while and let me (Mike) ramble on about the history for way longer than I should have ;)

Thanks again to the team at Geek Pride, it was a blast to meet you all and I’m glad you enjoyed the game!

You can find Geek Pride around the web here…




Wulverblade hits the (printed) press!

Hey Everyone, As a lifetime games obsessed geek, the thought of making my dream game was dream enough, but the prospect of getting it previewed in print based magazines was something else entirely. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard that Wulverblade was being previewed in not one but two mags this month got me SO EXCITED :) Official Xbox Magazine gave us a gloriously large amount of space to showcase one of your screenshots…

Photo 29-04-2014 11 39 56 And X-One magazine were kind enough to give us our own little preview! Yey!

Photo 29-04-2014 11 40 57 I need to go away and stare at these for at least an hour. Back soon ;) Mike.

Lots of GREAT press and interviews!

Wow, what a great two weeks!

Your response and feedback to the trailer has been incredible (across all the appearances of the trailer, its racked up about 3000 views!) and we are overjoyed at the amount of great comments we’ve received! Thank you all so much!

Its also been very fulfilling to be invited to do interviews and see the trailer appear on a number of great sites.

Here’s some of the highlights:

So a MMMMMMASSIVE thanks to all the people and sites that took the time to chat about Wulverblade, you all rock!

Notes on the trailer

A few comments emerged after the trailer, some good, some not so good, but luckily the not so good ones were based on something simple…me forgetting to mention the following…

  • The footage is pre-alpha
  • Only 30% (max) of the available moves are shown in the trailer
  • Only snippets of 2 out of 8 levels are shown
  • Only 6 of over 30+ characters are shown

…so in short, if you harbour any worries about Wulverblades depth, worry not, there is a lot more to this bloodthirsty baby than the trailer shows :)

Ok, that’s all for now, thanks again!