Wulverblade Physical Pre-Orders Open on Thursday 11th July!

Hey Everyone!

Mike here.

After a lifetime of dreams and over five years of hard work, my ultimate dream of having a physical Switch release comes true next week!
I’ve been working really hard with the team at Super Rare Games to create this and the final result is jaw dropping!

I wanted this to be super special, so rather than just a standard release we’re doing a beautiful slip cover that’s printed with matt metallic and has spot UV highlights. I sunk many, many days into the illustration for this cover, so its totally bespoke to the physical edition and doesn’t exist anywhere else!

Its a wonder to behold and glimmers in the light! Added to that is a beautiful full colour manual/artbook (I laboured over this!), a collectors card set and sticker.

So be ready on the 11th as this run is limited to only 5000 copies! Here’s the link:


Dream’s really can come true!


Wulverblade getting physical with Super Rare Games!

Hey Everyone! You heard that right, WULVERBLADE IS GETTING A PHYISCAL RELEASE ON NINTENDO SWITCH! WAHOOOO! We’re partnering with the super amazing Super Rare Games and we couldn’t be happier!

We’re not allowed to spill any more beans than that right now, but rest assured this will be SPECIAL!

Woods Beatemups has just broken the news on his channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZ8AeGgomLI

Mike has been tirelessly painting an exclusive new cover for this too, so anyone who buys the game will see a cover that’s never been seen anywhere else before. He’s pilled a HUGE amount of hours into this and the other extras that will accompany it.

We can’t wait until Super Rare Games unveils the finished article!

This is literally a life dream for all of us and something we’ve been working hard to make happen.  Just making Wulverblade was the big goal and a close second to that was getting a physical release. Growing up in the 80’s (well some of the team at least ha haa) meant we have a big affection for physical games, something that can be seen in Mike’s giant retro collection. And now, finally, after all these years our very own game can be added to the worlds physical library of games.

Watch this space for more info and be sure to follow Super Rare Games here:


Team Wulverblade!

Wulverblade is now available in Japan!!!

Hey Everyone!

Looooong time no speak!

Today I come to you with great news indeed! Wulverblade has officially just launched in Japan!!!

As you’ll be well aware, Wulverblade has A LOT of written content, so creating a multi-language version has been nigh on impossible, at least from a financial position anyway. But we were overjoyed to have formed a partnership with the amazing Kakehashi Games to bring Wulverblade to the Japanese market! This is quite a day for me (Mike, creative director) as I grew up with an insane passion for Japanese gaming as back in the 90’s everything released first in Japan and importing games to the UK was a very exciting experience. You can imagine my joy in hearing that the partnership was set in stone and my beloved Wulverblade would be releasing there too. Best of all, I had to design a Japanese logo variant too…you can’t begin to imagine my excitement, I promise you.

I’m rambling. So, in short, you can play Wulverblade in Japanese now, so to everyone in Japan, ENJOY!

Switch eShop
PS Store
Microsoft Store

Yey :)



The BIG Switch patch is LIVE and on SALE too!

After many months Wulverblade’s BIG v1.1 patch is out now!

It’s been a long journey to get here but we’ve finally managed it. The v1.1 update of Wulverblade is out now and its PACKED with great features based on the feedback from our fantastic fans.

This monster update includes:

  • Easy Mode – This was the single most requested feature that we heard from both Nintendo Life readers and the web as a whole. It was a tough at first as we were getting other feedback saying that the game was too easy. So this patch now gives you an easier mode to play with which includes…
  • Boss Checkpoints – The other big request was boss checkpoints. For the folks struggling with the difficulty the check-pointing was making things even harder, so there is now a checkpoint before each boss!
  • BEAST mode – This is the extra mode that is currently locked on the main menu. Once you’ve complete the game this unlocks and, well, let’s just say you’ll be wanting to play the game through again! For those that have completed the game on other systems and had access to this mode, they’ve loved it and we hope you do to. Its seriously good fun!
  • Performance boost – We’ve been able to reduce the loading times between levels! We’ve also boosted the frame rate in a many areas too.
  • Missing achievements – A few folks had mentioned that their achievement’s had disappeared. Worry not, they’d not gone, they just weren’t visible due to a small glitch which has now been quashed.
  • Bug fixes – We’ve addressed all the known bugs in the game and they should all now be gone.

As you can see this is one meaty update with lots included, we just wish we could have got it to you sooner.

This update was originally complete and submitted to Nintendo back in December with the plan of it going live whilst we were still in our exclusivity window with Nintendo. Sadly, we hit some (more…)

General Update – The Switch Patch is Coming We Promise!!!

Hey Everyone!

Time to give you all a much needed update!

First of all we want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that has bought the game. Your support means the world to us and we really, really appreciate it.

  • Switch Patch:

As some of you Switch players will know, there is a big and exciting patch waiting to be released that covers a whole host of fixes, improvements and new features. This patch was completed and submitted to Nintendo back in December 2017. Sadly, we were hit with a bug that Nintendo were seeing but that we couldn’t replicate on any Switch. This update rolled out onto the other platforms without a hitch but this Switch bug was a whole other matter.

This bug has taken us many, many months to track down and solve, mainly down to the fact that we simply couldn’t replicate the issue on any other Switch console. It was a real head scratcher! Without going into techy detail what was required to fix this bug was big, but we did it. The unfortunate bit is that in making all the changes to fix this bug, it sadly spawned another. The good news is that this bug is being quashed as I type and we are hoping (and praying) that this has finally solved the issue. We wanted all these features to hit the Switch first as it was our launch platform but sadly due to this it wasn’t possible.


Wulverblade is OUT TODAY!

Hey Everyone,

The day has FINALLY come! Wulverblade will be available on all major systems as of today! Wahooooo! The Xbox version is due to launch in differing timezones today but should landing around 2pm UK time. So by this evening you can play it on any system you desire! We can barely believe it!

Here’s a little launch trailer to celebrate:

We want to say a MASSIVE thanks to everyone that’s supported us over the years as its meant a lot! It really has. Here are the links to all systems below:


Wulverblade PS4, XBOX and Steam Release Date!

WAHOOO, we can finally announce the release dates for Wulverblade on PS4, XBOX and Steam!

After 6 long but incredible years its actually finally ready for release…NEXT WEEK!


The Wulverblade PS4 Trailer is HERE!

Last night the good people at Sony launched the Wulverblade PS4 trailer to an incredible reception. Within hours the trailer has had over 43,000 views with a whopping 1,800 likes! We are truly blown away. Lets hope that this is a good sign for the release, we’re rather excited to say the least.

Watch this space, we announce the release date next week!



Optimizing Wulverblade: Threading Animation Updates

Optimization is one of the dark arts. It often is essential in the process of getting your game from production to launch. There are many articles out there with general guidelines of how you should go about optimizing your games, but in the end, optimization is a specialized skill that I think benefits from case studies. This is a look at our specific efforts to optimize the 2D animation system in Wulverblade. (more…)

First Steam Footage!

Hey everyone!

Its been too long since the last post and just over a month since release, wow, what a month! We hope all you Switch players are enjoying the game! The reviews and feedback have been INSANE!

So, we’re BUSY, BUSY, BUSY getting the Steam, Xbox and PS4 versions release ready and will have the official release date for all 3 out to you soon! In the meantime, please take a look at this new video of the Steam version. This beauty is running at around 100fps on my old 760 card which dates back to 2013, so its certainly not cutting edge. As you’ll see the game runs blisteringly smooth and feels fab.

You can also add the game to your Steam wishlist right here:


We’re so close to having these 3 versions ready so stay tuned and thanks for your ongoing support!