Wulverblade is OUT TODAY!

Hey Everyone,

The day has FINALLY come! Wulverblade will be available on all major systems as of today! Wahooooo! The Xbox version is due to launch in differing timezones today but should landing around 2pm UK time. So by this evening you can play it on any system you desire! We can barely believe it!

Here’s a little launch trailer to celebrate:

We want to say a MASSIVE thanks to everyone that’s supported us over the years as its meant a lot! It really has. Here are the links to all systems below:


Wulverblade PS4, XBOX and Steam Release Date!

WAHOOO, we can finally announce the release dates for Wulverblade on PS4, XBOX and Steam!

After 6 long but incredible years its actually finally ready for release…NEXT WEEK!


The Wulverblade PS4 Trailer is HERE!

Last night the good people at Sony launched the Wulverblade PS4 trailer to an incredible reception. Within hours the trailer has had over 43,000 views with a whopping 1,800 likes! We are truly blown away. Lets hope that this is a good sign for the release, we’re rather excited to say the least.

Watch this space, we announce the release date next week!



Optimizing Wulverblade: Threading Animation Updates

Optimization is one of the dark arts. It often is essential in the process of getting your game from production to launch. There are many articles out there with general guidelines of how you should go about optimizing your games, but in the end, optimization is a specialized skill that I think benefits from case studies. This is a look at our specific efforts to optimize the 2D animation system in Wulverblade. (more…)

First Steam Footage!

Hey everyone!

Its been too long since the last post and just over a month since release, wow, what a month! We hope all you Switch players are enjoying the game! The reviews and feedback have been INSANE!

So, we’re BUSY, BUSY, BUSY getting the Steam, Xbox and PS4 versions release ready and will have the official release date for all 3 out to you soon! In the meantime, please take a look at this new video of the Steam version. This beauty is running at around 100fps on my old 760 card which dates back to 2013, so its certainly not cutting edge. As you’ll see the game runs blisteringly smooth and feels fab.

You can also add the game to your Steam wishlist right here:


We’re so close to having these 3 versions ready so stay tuned and thanks for your ongoing support!



Great praise on IGN’s NVC Podcast!

Hey Everyone,

As a lot of you have spotted and mentioned that in-spite of all the amazing feedback and reviews we’ve managed to slip under the radar of the big press outlets. But thanks to Brian Altano over at IGN he’s given us some spotlight on the super popular NVC podcast! Thanks Brian!

Fingers crossed that this is the first step to getting noticed. Please watch the coverage below, its great!!!!!

We have a new blog post coming soon to cover the new update due in the first patch. Watch this space!


Launch Week, Amazing Reviews, Easy Mode

Hey Everyone,

We still can’t believe that the game is actually out and in people’s hands, this still blows our minds! The launch week has been incredible. The reviews have been pouring in and they’ve all been incredible too! We’ve even managed to land a 10/10! Unreal!


Incoming Patch:
We have a patch coming soon to cover the small bugs that have cropped up and to…add in an EASY MODE for all the genre newcomers :) More on that in a dedicated post very soon!

Here’s a collection of the reviews that we’ve had so far, please take a look below:

Bonus Stage:

Nintendo World Report:

Seven Reviews
http://www.sevenreviews.net/reviews/wulverblade-nintendo-switch-review/ (more…)

Wulverblade is OUT NOW!

Hey Everyone!

Its official, its real, its actually happened, ITS OUT NOW! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!

After so many years of development, so many years of love and attention its finally done, dusted and out for you to play! This is such a crazy day!

GET IT NOW on the eShop

We’re doing a giveaway in conjunction with the amazing Nintendo Life team too. So if you fancy getting your hands on a copy of Wulverblade AND a brand new SNES Mini, simply click the image below to see the competition tweet. All you need to do it follow both accounts and RT to be in with a chance! Winner will be drawn next Monday.

Win a copy of Wulverblade and a SNES Mini!

We also launched the story introduction sequence yesterday morning too so sink your eyes into this! Big props to Jon Sommariva for his amazing artwork on the cutscenes, Verbal Vigilante for their amazing sound design and me, Mike, for sticking it all together with sellotape and glue ;)

We’re going to do a bigger more in depth post soon to celebrate but for now, here’s  A BIG THANK YOU from all of us for your support over the years. Chatting to you at shows, online and in person has been wonderful and its with your interaction that the game is what it is today.

Have a great first day with Wulverblade!!!!!!