Great praise on IGN’s NVC Podcast!

Hey Everyone,

As a lot of you have spotted and mentioned that in-spite of all the amazing feedback and reviews we’ve managed to slip under the radar of the big press outlets. But thanks to Brian Altano over at IGN he’s given us some spotlight on the super popular NVC podcast! Thanks Brian!

Fingers crossed that this is the first step to getting noticed. Please watch the coverage below, its great!!!!!

We have a new blog post coming soon to cover the new update due in the first patch. Watch this space!


  • Joshua G. Walker

    I’m supposed to be playing Super Mario Odyssey but I cannot put this game down. I’m loving every minute of it.

  • titaniumapple
    • Wow that’s ace! Thanks for the link! I think a new blog post is about to be written ;)

  • Cam Chapman

    Fantastic game guys! Just finished the campaign… gave me goosebumps. Very, very cool. My girlfriend (a historian) and I especially appreciated the historical framework, it definitely gives the story a unique twist that is highly enjoyable.

    One quick question: How do you unlock the “coming soon” item on the campaign select screen? I thought it would open after I finished the story, but no such luck (Switch version, by the way). Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks for an excellent game. Keep up the great work!