Wulverblade at Play Blackpool All Bank Holiday Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

If you’re in the north of England this weekend and fancy trying out Wulverblade, we’ll be at Play Blackpool (I say we, it’ll just be me, Mike) from Saturday to Monday! For anyone attending you’re in for a treat as for the first time we’ll be showing off ALL the playable characters! This is the first time they’ve been publicly shown so if you’ve played before at a previous show, there’s LOTS more to see. We’ll be bringing the Xbox One version and the dedicated arcade cabinet again as that went down a storm previously!

Play Blackpool is an amazing event, I’ve been attending since its inception many years ago. Its basically a massive collection of over 100 old arcade cabs, almost every console ever made and almost every computer ever made all open for free play! The event is superb and perfectly located in the seaside town of Blackpool.  Head on down, its great for all ages!

Check out the highlights from last year:

See you there!



  • Aaron Emmett Hughes

    i was just about to ask if you guys are going to be at play this year, and pow! theres the post. loved the game last year looking forward to playing it again.

    • michaelheald

      Hey Aaron, sorry, only just saw this post! Thanks for the kind words! We’ll be at Play Expo in Manchester again this September and also NERG this coming weekend (20-21 June). Thanks for the support!

      • Aaron Emmett Hughes

        Not a issue, i understand you are busy with the game and what not :) Was great to see the game again on Sunday. The intro was really cool. I’m doing a live stream tonight, and we’re going to talk about the Wulverblade, trying to get you more support. Is there a chance of using your intro sequence to start one of our videos in the near future? that would be sweet. Anyway, i’ve taken enough of your time up. Take care, and keep up the good work