Wulverblade is coming to Nintendo Switch and PAX West!

Hey Everyone,

We’ve been quiet for TOO long and with good reason, we are now on the brink of release! And the big news is that we’re launching on the incredible Nintendo Switch first! We are overjoyed!

If you’ve had your hands on a Switch or already own one you’ll be able to appreciate just how perfect the device is for Wulverblade. Nintendo have just announced us officially in the Nintendo Showcase! We’ve been so excited about this news for ages now and have been sworn to secrecy. Nintendo wanted to announce the news to tie in with the big PAX West event where you can come along and play the game along with many other great titles at the Nindie Arcade on level 3 of the convention centre. Both Evan and myself (Mike) will be there for the full event from Friday  1st until Monday 4th.  So if you’re at PAX West in Seattle this weekend you’ll be able to come along and play the game on the Switch for the first time ever! Come see us!!!!!

The game is 100% complete now and we’re just doing the final bug testing. Our official release date isn’t set in stone but it will be either the end of September or early October. It all depends on the age rating, certification processing time etc. Rest assured though, its going to be here VERY soon. We’re SO excited.

Wulverblade is still coming to Steam, Xbox One, PS4 and Windows 10 Store and they’ll be releasing very shortly afterwards. More details and official release dates following soon.

YEY, We’re almost there!

During the PAX West long weekend we’re also going to be appearing at The MIX (The Media Indie Exchange) where you can come along and play the game (plus many others!) at this fantastic free event. These events hosted by The Mix have grown into a bit of a phenomenon now, so if you can get it, please do!

Thanks again for all your support to date everyone!



  • Phil Robinson

    This is awesome news. I’m from the north east of england and i met you at NERG two years ago. You had a PC and an arcade machine (mocked up) with the game running. I grilled you IGN style for about 20 mins only to realise we had a crowd forming. Great to see this games finally getting a release. I’ll be picking it up on Switch day one. Good work :-) Phil

    • Hey Phil,

      Sorry for the late response, my spam filter has handily been eating all my disqus replies!

      Thanks for the kind words and support they’re VERY much appreciated. You know its crazy too, of all the HUGE shows we’ve taken the game to internationally, the one show that I hear the most feedback from is the smallest one I ever went too, NERG. Such a passionate bunch of folks over in Newcastle, I’ll have to make sure I make an appearance next year and show the game there again. So many friendly gamers!

      Thanks again Phil, we should be releasing within the next couple of weeks!


  • Cuban9222

    So when are y’all going to release this game on the Nintendo Switch!!?? It’s past late September and it’s already early October. So what gives?

    • Apologies for the slight delay, I should really have done a new post to say this! We hit a couple of small bugs during submission which put us back a couple of weeks. We’re all sorted now though and just awaiting our final release date from Nintendo. Once we have that we’ll let you know. It should hopefully be within the next 2 weeks…fingers crossed!

      Thanks for your patience and for reaching out.

      Update coming VERY soon.