Wulverblade Launches October 12th!

That’s right, you heard it right! After 5 years of blood sweat and tears our beloved Wulverblade is being launched into the big wide world! Its coming to the Nintendo Switch first and then the other platforms will follow on after that. You can view the eShop page now too which will soon be updated with all the final content.

We can barely believe it ourselves…






As you can see, we’re all rather EXCITED!!!!!

More updates coming soon! Thanks for all your support!!!!!


  • Mário Sobral

    yeahhh!!! thaaanks!!! the best news ever!!!
    waiting to play on my nintendo switch!!!

    • I’m counting down the day’s myself, its been so long since we started this journey. So exciting!!!

  • Mikael Bonnaventura

    Awesome day 1 buy to play with the missus! How long is it approx?

    • Brian

      8 levels. Exact timing is tough. I think as the developer I can blitz the whole game is 3 1/2 hours. First time players I think it might be more like 5-6 but again that depends on your pace, if you die, etc.

  • Nicolas Forest

    Will the switch version be able to play coop with a joy-con each ?

    • Brian


  • Mário Sobral

    I cant found it to buy! South africa and America eshops are like “coming soon” yet. :/