Wulverblade is OUT NOW!

Hey Everyone!

Its official, its real, its actually happened, ITS OUT NOW! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!

After so many years of development, so many years of love and attention its finally done, dusted and out for you to play! This is such a crazy day!

GET IT NOW on the eShop

We’re doing a giveaway in conjunction with the amazing Nintendo Life team too. So if you fancy getting your hands on a copy of Wulverblade AND a brand new SNES Mini, simply click the image below to see the competition tweet. All you need to do it follow both accounts and RT to be in with a chance! Winner will be drawn next Monday.

Win a copy of Wulverblade and a SNES Mini!

We also launched the story introduction sequence yesterday morning too so sink your eyes into this! Big props to Jon Sommariva for his amazing artwork on the cutscenes, Verbal Vigilante for their amazing sound design and me, Mike, for sticking it all together with sellotape and glue ;)

We’re going to do a bigger more in depth post soon to celebrate but for now, here’s  A BIG THANK YOU from all of us for your support over the years. Chatting to you at shows, online and in person has been wonderful and its with your interaction that the game is what it is today.

Have a great first day with Wulverblade!!!!!!

  • Igor Gomes

    Wheeen PC? PLEEEEEEEEEEASE Congratulations!

    • Brian

      Next month!

      • Igor Gomes

        You are awesome! =D Please UPDATE Steam profile game!

  • Gary Croxford

    Awesome game! I’m a mega history fan, especially Roman Britain so it’s right up my street :)
    Patch requests if I may?
    – ‘easier’ mode…my god, it’s hard! :D Or, I just suck!
    – button mapping. The block button being A is so far to get to after mashing Y&X to attack. A shoulder button to block would be lovely!

    • Brian

      We are discussing difficulty options to patch in.

      We have sadly run out of buttons or we would have an alternate button for block as well. We’ll discuss ideas.

  • Mike G

    any chance of phisical release for any system?

    • Evan Doody

      Though nothing is official yet, we are definitely interested and looking into some of the groups that help indie games with physical releases (IndieBox, Limited Run, etc.) for a special physical release. I know for a fact Mike is an intense collector and will fight tooth a nail for a physical version of Wulverblade on his shelf. We will keep you posted!

      • Mike G

        sounds great keep up the good work.

        • Yeah certainly something we want, I’d kill for a boxed copy on my shelf. Life dream!

  • Nicolas Forest

    Have you planned to make additional content for the game in the future ?

    • We actually have a new mode due to be added to the game which will be free to all players. Beyond that we have many ideas for new content but we’re all flat broke now and need to see if the game can furnish us with enough pennies to make all these ideas turn into reality. Thanks!

      • Nicolas Forest

        What will be the principle of this new mode of play (if you want to talk about it) ?
        I hope that sales will live up to your expectations.
        The press returns are all good or very good unfortunately there is little coverage on the internet (only 4 tests on Metacritic for example).
        I hope that players who do not follow the news of their console will know that this super game exists !
        Thanks a thousand times for having implemented the coop in the game.
        One feels in the details that this game was done with passion and it is extremely enjoyment.

  • titaniumapple

    Congrats! Just bought! Just a quick note though, I didn’t notice it on the e-store because the logo is so small! Maybe make it slightly bigger so people can recognise it? Cheers

    • Thanks! Yeah that image was an oversight and we’ve been trying to change that since before the game went live on the eShop. The version we wanted in there is much more eye catching. Thanks for the message!!!

      • titaniumapple

        Cool thanks for the reply, good luck!

  • Lane Stephenson

    Bought it the day after launch and have really enjoyed it so far. I’m not a huge gamer, so I’m ashamed to admit that I still haven’t gotten past the first boss, but I can certainly see myself playing the game for a long time. I’m also enjoying the history lessons. I agree with the other poster, and if possible, ask for the ability to move the block button. ZL would be perfect, but I understand that screws up the wolf call. Maybe move the wolves to ZR + A? Anyway – great game and one that I will recommend. Thanks!

    • Thanks for picking up the game and I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it. We’re due to patch in an easy mode soon so watch this space. Regarding the block move request, you’re not the first to ask so we’ll certainly look into it!

      Thanks again for posting!

  • hi I’m experience crashes with the game on the nintendo switch it’s happens always at the end of the first phase the game crash and even causes the switch does not recognize the sdcard being necessary to turn the console off and on again! I’m very frustrated because I really liked the game. I’m afraid this will cause a problem to my sdcard.