Wulverblade at Play Expo this weekend!

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick heads up to anyone in the UK, Wulverblade is going to be at Play Expo in Manchester this coming weekend (11th-12th October) and you’re more than welcome to come and play!

The show is incredible, I’ve been personally going since its inception about 5 years ago and its been great to watch it grow and grow. There are 100’s of arcade machines, pinball machines, retro consoles, you name it. There’s a bunch of us indie devs and even a collection of the big boys are there too, so Nintendo, Oculus, EA etc. The show takes in around 25,000 people so its a busy two days.

Anyway, Wulverblade is taking a large booth in the ‘Now Play’ section which you’ll see as you walk in through the doors, apparently we’re next to Team 17. You can’t miss the booth, its got a full size arcade cab, loads of artwork and a roman helmet to boot ;)

Looking forward to seeing you all!



  • Aaron Emmett Hughes

    played the demo today, and had a great talk about the inspiration and direction of this game. I’m looking forward to playing it more and reading more on the history. The art style is nice and clean, and controls responsive. good luck with this endeavour

    • michaelheald

      Thanks for stopping by, playing and posting, its very much appreciated! I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed the demo too!

      I’m just finalising a post all about the weekend which will be live later today. It was a great weekend. The cherry on top was winning the ‘Peoples Choice Award – Best Indie Game 2014’, I never expected that!

      Thanks again!