Wulverblade at GEEK in Birmingham this weekend!

Hey Everyone,

If you’re in the UK and anywhere near Birmingham this weekend, Wulverblade is going to be playable at GEEK in the Custard Factory in both standard TV form (nice big 50″ screen too) and also in its dedicated new arcade cabinet!

I’ll be showing the games arena mode off (this is an extra mode in the game where you get to fight hordes of enemies in ever increasing waves to help you hone your warrior skills) this weekend so why not come along and see if you can top the high score table! There will be a poster giveaway for the top spot on each day.

You can find out more about the location and tickets here:


If you’re a fellow northerner like myself, worry not, Wulverblade is making an appearance at Play Expo on October 11th and 12th in Manchester too :)

See you there!