The New Trailer is Live!

Hey Everyone,

Well, I’ve been promising this trailer since December and now it is finally here! After a fantastic GDC and the game being shown publicly, its finally time to show it to the world.


Wulverblade – Story and Gameplay Trailer from Michael Heald on Vimeo.


As you’ll see there’s a little more about the story, some nice cut scene snippets and oh yeah, GAMEPLAY! BOOOOOOOM! Hope you all like it!

As you’ll hear, the soundtrack is a work of art and that is courtesy of the amazing Verbal Vigilante! They not only brought their very own magic to the trailer, but also some wonderful work from a vocalist who we’ll intro on here soon, but also a wonderful cellist and some fabulous voice over work from Noni Lewis and Ed Ward. Big cheer for the guys over at Verbal V!

If you enjoy the trailer we’d LOVE it if you’d be so kind as to like and share freely :) We’d be forever in your debt!

Thanks everyone, hope you enjoyed it!



  • Phhwwhooooaaaa! Mike you’ve done a simply mind blowing job on this one. I was so excited when I saw your email that I watched it straight away. I’ve also shared it on my Facebook page, so I hope that helps / The gameplay and graphics look oh-so-tasty! Love your work and I can’t wait to see you bring your dream to life.

    • michaelheald

      Hey fella! Maaaaany thanks, glad you like it and thanks for sharing it on Facebook too. Every last drop of liking and sharing we get all helps…BIG TIME! So glad you like it :)

  • Shareef Raheem

    I can’t wait to play. This seems like and amazing project. I’ll try to share with friends and family.

    • michaelheald

      Thanks Shareef!

  • Why are the bodies fading away? (probably not necessary performance wise nowadays anyway) Would be more cooler if they just lay there when they are dead. And some may pile so you could jump on them and do a kick ass move in the air to finish off more =). I ain’t seeing any items to be picked up along the way will they be supported?? which you could throw or consume. Will there be minibosses or endboss? Will it have traps included which you could trigger off to kill some more enemies? Sorry to ask so much but couldn’t get that out of the trailer. And I like it so I wish it all the best.

    • michaelheald

      Hey Joey,

      Thanks for commenting! I should have added that the trailer doesnt cover much really and the fact that this is pre-alpha footage and only about 40% of the moves are shown. So rest assured that there is A LOT more in this than what the trailer is showing.

      To respond to your specific questions…

      Q, Why are the bodies fading away?
      A. We are playing with leaving the bodies on screen and without giving away too much, we are also looking at a few other body related features, but more on that as the game unfolds.

      Q. I ain’t seeing any items to be picked up along the way will they be supported??
      A. In short, yes, this will be supported :)

      Q. Will there be minibosses or endboss?
      A. End bosses yes, mini bosses are being considered, but its very likely yes.

      Q. Will it have traps included which you could trigger off to kill some more enemies?
      A. Currently we don’t have any mid game, but there are some places were this would work well on two of the boss stages, we’ll keep it in mind.

      I hope that helps, thanks again for posting!


      • Ah yeah you got me worried there for a bit =). Thanks for clearing that up. Now I am even more excited for the next trailer ^^