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Where are all the Women?

Hello again!

We’ve received a comment or two recently about the lack of female characters in Wulverblade, so I wanted to address this here.  I also thought I’d give you a quick glimpse of 3 of our current female warriors :)

The only reason we’ve not shown them so far is for the same reason we’ve not shown 90% of the game, they’re simply not finished and thus not ready to be shown. You can see the creation process here from sketch > final character > select frames from the core attack sequence… (more…)

Wulverblade Character Design Process

So, after my promise of weekly blog posts, I managed only a few, how rubbish ;)

Anyway, to make up for it, here’s a post that people have been asking me to make for years. A breakdown of how I create my characters. Hold on tight, its going to be long winded and drawn out ;)


Step 01 – Rough Sketch

I was hesitant to actually show this one as my sketch for the Roman Legionarry is pretty…well…terrible lol. But, this is a process showcase, warts’n’all ;) As I had a clear vision for this character in my head, the sketch could afford to be pretty rough. So I didnt concern myself too much with accuracy and proportions. This was purely about laying down the basics.

One thing I often do is allow my sketches to be very loose, as I work with the intention of making many proportion adjustments once the character is in the vectorising stage. Drawing in vectors allows infinite flexibility as scaling up or down never effects the quality in any way. So, with the sketch roughed out, it was onto the colour.