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Wulverblade Physical Pre-Orders Open on Thursday 11th July!

Hey Everyone!

Mike here.

After a lifetime of dreams and over five years of hard work, my ultimate dream of having a physical Switch release comes true next week!
I’ve been working really hard with the team at Super Rare Games to create this and the final result is jaw dropping!

I wanted this to be super special, so rather than just a standard release we’re doing a beautiful slip cover that’s printed with matt metallic and has spot UV highlights. I sunk many, many days into the illustration for this cover, so its totally bespoke to the physical edition and doesn’t exist anywhere else!

Its a wonder to behold and glimmers in the light! Added to that is a beautiful full colour manual/artbook (I laboured over this!), a collectors card set and sticker.

So be ready on the 11th as this run is limited to only 5000 copies! Here’s the link:

Dream’s really can come true!


Wulverblade getting physical with Super Rare Games!

Hey Everyone! You heard that right, WULVERBLADE IS GETTING A PHYISCAL RELEASE ON NINTENDO SWITCH! WAHOOOO! We’re partnering with the super amazing Super Rare Games and we couldn’t be happier!

We’re not allowed to spill any more beans than that right now, but rest assured this will be SPECIAL!

Woods Beatemups has just broken the news on his channel:

Mike has been tirelessly painting an exclusive new cover for this too, so anyone who buys the game will see a cover that’s never been seen anywhere else before. He’s pilled a HUGE amount of hours into this and the other extras that will accompany it.

We can’t wait until Super Rare Games unveils the finished article!

This is literally a life dream for all of us and something we’ve been working hard to make happen.  Just making Wulverblade was the big goal and a close second to that was getting a physical release. Growing up in the 80’s (well some of the team at least ha haa) meant we have a big affection for physical games, something that can be seen in Mike’s giant retro collection. And now, finally, after all these years our very own game can be added to the worlds physical library of games.

Watch this space for more info and be sure to follow Super Rare Games here:


Team Wulverblade!