Wulverblade Physical Pre-Orders Open on Thursday 11th July!

Hey Everyone!

Mike here.

After a lifetime of dreams and over five years of hard work, my ultimate dream of having a physical Switch release comes true next week!
I’ve been working really hard with the team at Super Rare Games to create this and the final result is jaw dropping!

I wanted this to be super special, so rather than just a standard release we’re doing a beautiful slip cover that’s printed with matt metallic and has spot UV highlights. I sunk many, many days into the illustration for this cover, so its totally bespoke to the physical edition and doesn’t exist anywhere else!

Its a wonder to behold and glimmers in the light! Added to that is a beautiful full colour manual/artbook (I laboured over this!), a collectors card set and sticker.

So be ready on the 11th as this run is limited to only 5000 copies! Here’s the link:


Dream’s really can come true!


  • Alexander Ramos

    Congrats, excited to get this on physical!