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PAX East 2016 and the Indie MINIBOOTH

Hey everyone, E. Doody here! It has been a very exciting time for us here on the Wulver team, and I wanted to hop on and give you all an update!

First, as Mike’s last post covers in detail, we launched our Steam Greenlight campaign on April 19th. We eagerly watched the page for feedback and comments and were Greenlit in only a week! It can be extremely nerve wracking to expose a passion project to public judgement. This brings us to our second very public, very stressful event: PAX East.

PAX East is a massive, consumer based show that takes place in Boston each year. I have been a fan of PAX for years, both as a patron and as a potential exhibitor. The best aspect of being a part of PAX East is that it is 100% a show for the gaming community. We have shown Wulverblade before at industry conferences such as GDC, but there is nothing better than getting the game in the hands of people who are, at their core, excited about seeing and playing games. To get to PAX, we used the help of the Indie MEGABOOTH.


Play Blackpool – What an Amazing Show!

Hey Everyone!

Wow! What a truly awe inspiring 3 days that was! The reception that Wulverblade has had at the past few shows I’ve been to has been overwhelming, but Play Blackpool’s reception was something else entirely! Thank you SO much to everyone that stopped by and said hi. You all rock.

Here’s a few shots of the setup…

IMG_0206 IMG_0207

All this fits in the back of my Land Rover would you believe! Its like Tetris on hard!


And a quick Vine to give off a little more atmosphere:

For the entire 3 days the Wulverblade stand was packed! And I mean packed. Most people that I spoke to mentioned how they’d been passed by a number of times trying to get a go, but it’d been too busy. The best bit was that even after 6000 people passed through the doors and the game was played continuously, all I heard was positive feedback, not one single negative, not one!


Wulverblade at Play Expo this weekend!

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick heads up to anyone in the UK, Wulverblade is going to be at Play Expo in Manchester this coming weekend (11th-12th October) and you’re more than welcome to come and play!

The show is incredible, I’ve been personally going since its inception about 5 years ago and its been great to watch it grow and grow. There are 100’s of arcade machines, pinball machines, retro consoles, you name it. There’s a bunch of us indie devs and even a collection of the big boys are there too, so Nintendo, Oculus, EA etc. The show takes in around 25,000 people so its a busy two days.

Anyway, Wulverblade is taking a large booth in the ‘Now Play’ section which you’ll see as you walk in through the doors, apparently we’re next to Team 17. You can’t miss the booth, its got a full size arcade cab, loads of artwork and a roman helmet to boot ;)

Looking forward to seeing you all!



The Voice of Trevor Martin & PLAY Expo

Hey Everyone,

Wow, what a truly incredible week! I had the great pleasure of hiring the incredible Trevor Martin to be the voice of Caradoc (the main character) and also the narrator of the Wulverblade story.

Tracking Trevor down was no easy task as he’s about to retire, so I was overjoyed when he accepted the job! He’s rather an impressive chap with an amazing history and a wealth of experience. He’s best known for his work on stage as Dr.Who at the Adelphi Theatre in London and he was also the voice of Krull in the movie of that name! But to us gamers, he’s best known as the voice behind the incredible Heavenly Sword animated series. Possibly the most inspiring bit of video game related animation I’ve ever witnessed.


We spent the day at Unique Studios in London recording hour’s worth of great audio for the game. Trevor is such a pro and gentleman to boot. He took to the script so naturally and is going to add so much depth to this game its unreal.

You’ll get to hear a glimpse of this in the upcoming game intro that will be being showcased later this year :)


PLAY Expo – Manchester – UK – October 12-13th 2013

Just a quick one to say that I’ll be knocking around the PLAY expo in Manchester all next weekend, donning a Wulverblade T-Shirt and some looooovely little mini poster cards/flyers to hand out. If you happen to be there give me a yell, I’ll be happy to chew your ear off about Wulverblade all day ;) The flyer cover is the image that’s featured at the top of this page.

Next Weeks Update:

Next week I’ll be covering the Play Expo weekend with lots of photo’s plus I might also throw in a little concept art too :)