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Showing Our Game at GDC: A Postmortem

Last week we attended GDC and we had the opportunity to show Wulverblade to the public for the first time. We were not originally going to use GDC as a showcase for the game, but felt that we should not let the chance slip us by so we polished up a demo and brought it out to San Francisco and put it in front of some gamers, developers, and press. Given that this was the first time we had shown the game publicly and that we didn’t have a lot of experience with such PR events and activities it seems a good idea to reflect on what went well and what did not.


Wulverblade coming to Xbox One!

Wulverblade is coming to Xbox One and is playable at GDC!

Yep, you heard that right, my life long dream game is getting a life long dream format, a leading games console, WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

We’ve known about this for a little while, so you can imagine our uncontrollable excitement about wanting to tell the world. And now, as of today, Microsoft have officially announced it, we are SOOOOO excited. So, so, excited.


Play it this week at GDC!

The best bit is, if you happen to be at GDC, head over to the Unity booth (South Hall Expo – Booth 1402) where you can not only see Wulverblade in action, but you can get to play it on the Xbox One, right there!

Click here for a map of where to find it

It is in a very early pre Alpha state, but you’ll get a good feel for the basics of the game. Brian and Colin are there too, so hit them up if you wanna chat about the game at any point. If you get a chance to swing by, please drop up us a comment as we’d love to hear your thoughts!

And a BIG THANKS to the guys at Unity for the showcase, you guys rock!


Screenshots Now and Trailer Coming Soon

Now, some of you may already know that I (Mike) got struck down with appendicitis last week and after a couple of operations am now recovering for a couple of weeks, so that’s stopped me both being there and getting the in-game trailer complete. ULTRA GUTTED! But, I’m going to show off two screenshots from the game here which will hopefully wet your appetite for the trailer. Once I’m back on my feet I’ll have it ready ASAP.

Wulverblade-GDC-Screenshot-Level2 Wulverblade-GDC-Screenshot-Level1