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The Wulverblade E3 2015 Trailer is Live!

Hey Everyone!

Well as you all well know by the lack of updates on here, we’ve been rather busy. The game is coming along oh so well and its now time to show you what we’ve been up to!

The new trailer was held back for Microsoft to use at E3 and as that press conference has now happened, we can show it to the world, yey!

In this new trailer you get another tiny glimpse of the epic storyline and most importantly, you get to meet Brennus and Guinevere! These are the two other playable characters alongside Caradoc, the main protagonist.  Brennus is the powerhouse and Guinevere is one with speed on her side. Each character has very unique attacks and moves so you need to learn each ones combat style and make your choice as to who suits you the most. Needless to say, each one loves to hack up enemies ;)

The trailer also touches on some more of the combat and also gives you a glimpse of some of the other levels.

All likes, tweets, comments and shares are HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGELY APPRECIATED. We don’t have any form of PR budget as we are all utterly broke, so everyone’s kindness in sharing this means the world to us.

Thanks everyone, feel free to post questions and we’ll be sure to answer them!