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Play Blackpool – What an Amazing Show!

Hey Everyone!

Wow! What a truly awe inspiring 3 days that was! The reception that Wulverblade has had at the past few shows I’ve been to has been overwhelming, but Play Blackpool’s reception was something else entirely! Thank you SO much to everyone that stopped by and said hi. You all rock.

Here’s a few shots of the setup…

IMG_0206 IMG_0207

All this fits in the back of my Land Rover would you believe! Its like Tetris on hard!


And a quick Vine to give off a little more atmosphere:

For the entire 3 days the Wulverblade stand was packed! And I mean packed. Most people that I spoke to mentioned how they’d been passed by a number of times trying to get a go, but it’d been too busy. The best bit was that even after 6000 people passed through the doors and the game was played continuously, all I heard was positive feedback, not one single negative, not one!


Wulverblade at Play Blackpool All Bank Holiday Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

If you’re in the north of England this weekend and fancy trying out Wulverblade, we’ll be at Play Blackpool (I say we, it’ll just be me, Mike) from Saturday to Monday! For anyone attending you’re in for a treat as for the first time we’ll be showing off ALL the playable characters! This is the first time they’ve been publicly shown so if you’ve played before at a previous show, there’s LOTS more to see. We’ll be bringing the Xbox One version and the dedicated arcade cabinet again as that went down a storm previously!

Play Blackpool is an amazing event, I’ve been attending since its inception many years ago. Its basically a massive collection of over 100 old arcade cabs, almost every console ever made and almost every computer ever made all open for free play! The event is superb and perfectly located in the seaside town of Blackpool.  Head on down, its great for all ages!

Check out the highlights from last year:

See you there!