8/10 "Wulverblade is
simply stunning"
Nintendo Life
9/10 "Wulverblade is an
absolute masterpiece"
Nintendo World Report
9/10 "Wulverblade is an absolute
masterpiece of a game"
Nindie Spotlight
10/10 "Wulverblade is an indie
gemstone that shines brightly!"
Bonus Stage
"Its really, really,
really good!"
IGN - NVC Podcast
"Wulverblade is a brutal
but irresistible brawler"
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About Wulverblade

Its 120AD and the Roman army have seized control of the south of Britannia. Their goal, to march north and conquer the rest of the island with brutal and bloody efficiency. The 5000 strong 9th Legion are preparing for war, but little do they know what lies in wait for them. Caradoc, a guardian of the northern tribes has rallied the war bands and is ready to bring the war to the Romans. Caradoc bares a gift that even he is not aware of. And soon, the Ninth Legion will discover its true power.

  • Old school arcade, side scrolling beat-em-up action
  • 8 beautiful levels spanning ancient forests, thundering rivers, torchlit woodlands & Roman forts. All based on real locations
  • Stunning 1080p HD artwork & cell animated characters
  • Atmospheric soundtrack fit for a blockbuster movie
  • An engrossing story that combines ancient British history with native tales of lore
  • Amazing unlockable features that leave you eager to play again!

Classic side-scrolling gameplay

Wulverblade is a visceral, cinematic, side scrolling beatem-up, bringing a modern twist to the classic gameplay style of the 1990’s arcade scene. There’s no hand holding in Wulverblade, its straight into the action, old-school style. Wulverblade skips the starter and tucks straight into the meat!

Cinematic Experience

Wulverblade is a truely cinematic experince, encompassing a deep historic tale that is told through action packed gameplay, dramatic cut-scenes and played out to a soundtrack fit for a motion picture!

Intricate, HD 1080p Artwork

Every visual element in Wulverblade is meticulously crafted at 1080p to ensure that the final end result is a HD masterpeice that looks every bit as well as it plays.


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Wulverblade Roman Centurion Wulverblade Caradoc Bloody Wulverblade Calgacus Tribal Warrior Wulverblade Praefectus Roman Fort

Draped in the Rich History & lore of ancient Britain

Ancient British history is rich in incredible stories that can inspire the imagination beyond belief. When you combine this depth of history with some of Britain’s lost lore you can imagine just how powerful a story can be told.

Real people, Real places

Extensive research has been put into both the historical accuracy and the use of real locations from the time. Countless days have been spent walking the ancient sites, ruins and paths of the ancient Britons. The game features not only real locations, but even real people from the time. Even sound sampling has been taken from within the remains of old Roman forts and from the running streams that fed the Romans and tribesmen alike to create an atmosphere so rich you can almost taste it.

Dev Blog

Wulverblade Physical Pre-Orders Open on Thursday 11th July!

July 6, 2019

Hey Everyone! Mike here. After a lifetime of dreams and over five years of hard work, my ultimate dream of having a physical Switch release comes true next week! I’ve been working really hard with the team at Super Rare Games to create this and the final result is jaw dropping! I wanted this to…

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