Where are all the Women?

Hello again!

We’ve received a comment or two recently about the lack of female characters in Wulverblade, so I wanted to address this here.  I also thought I’d give you a quick glimpse of 3 of our current female warriors :)

The only reason we’ve not shown them so far is for the same reason we’ve not shown 90% of the game, they’re simply not finished and thus not ready to be shown. You can see the creation process here from sketch > final character > select frames from the core attack sequence…


You’ll also notice no scantily clad characters and no heaving bosoms. This game digs deep into its historical foundations, and big buxom half naked ladies running around this damn cold island just doesn’t seem likely to me.

Sexual Equality in Ancient Briton

One thing worth noting is that Wulverblade will be a notable guide on equality in video games if for no other reason than to be historically accurate. Why do I say this? Well, Wulverblade draws on a phenomenal wealth of historical fact in its story, locations, timeline, historical figures, events, clothing, weapons, you name it. Before the dawn of contemporary religion, Britain was a place of earth worshipping tribes, tribes that viewed (and rightly so) men and women to be equal.  Both women and men charged into the battlefield in equal measure just as they did in leadership. Only the strong could lead a tribe and if that happened to be a women then that was all cool.

If you look back at history, one the worlds greatest female warriors and freedom fighters was a Briton from this period, Queen Boudica of the Iceni tribe, a fearless warrior that united numerous southern tribes and almost toppled the great Roman army.  Boudica being the super star of British history that she is, is actually deeply routed into the story’s underpinnings, as its her actions that spur the events that lead up to our story.

Playable Characters

Its probably worth mentioning at this point that we decided to bring in selectable characters into Wulverblade too, one of which is Caradoc’s sister (the other character being his older brother), so side scroller fans that always used to pick Blaze in Streets of Rage or Maki in Final Fight 2, you’re going to have the perfect character to pick here.

So, worry not world, Wulverblade may look to be focused on men, manly things and plentiful beards, but its purely as that’s what I’ve drawn so far, the female contingent runs strong in this game. In fact, these three ladies are going to make mince meat out of you as they are damn fast, damn aggressive and don’t appear until level 3…which means they’re mean ;)