Wulverblade will playable at NERG this weekend!

Hey Everyone,

If you’re anywhere near the North East this coming weekend (20-21st June) then head over to Gateshead International Stadium for NERG (North East Retro Gaming) as Wulverblade will be playable for the whole weekend! Plus I’ll be there (Mike) for the entire time to talk you to death if you dare strike up conversation ha haa. There will be around 100 retro arcade machines and a further 100 classic pinball machines, so couple that with a load of old consoles, places to buy retro stuff and of course Wulverblade, then its a weekend well spent ;)

More info on the official site: http://www.northeastretrogaming.com/

I’m pretty well mixed up with the retro/arcade scene in the UK hence me taking Wulverblade to a good few retro focused shows. The game just feels so at home in this environment, especially the arcade version! The feedback I’ve got at every show has been amazing.

I’ll be turning this show into a research field trip too as the east coast (around Newcastle) is the end of Hadrian’s Wall and scattered around are tonnes of old Roman sites. Superb. I’m planning a drive up to the remains of Fort Bremenium (one of the many locations in the game) and also going to see the reconstructed section of the wall at Walls End. Nice.

Exhausting but thoroughly enjoyable few days ahead!


  • Gavin Bolton

    Really enjoyed playing this today at Nerg, lots of fun and looked stunning. Can’t wait to buy it!

  • Jamie Pearson

    Played this at NERG today and really enjoyed it. It is insanely pretty, especially on the big screen. I like the choice to be zoomed in really close to the characters (compared to most beat-em-ups) too, so you can see the action close up. Going to have to pick your brains about the history tmw too. Sure you won’t mind. :)