Wulverblade Research Video Blog – Part 1

Hey Everyone, Mike here.

Ok, so if you’ve been following the blog either here, or in its super early days back over on Fully Illustrated you’ll know that the history side of Wulverblade is a BIG thing for me. I’ve been doing these EPIC research trips now for about 2 years. They generally last 1-2 days, cover around 3-500 miles and take in some of the greatest Wulverblade related sites you could imagine. 5000 year old stone circles, 2000 year old forts, mountain passes, you name it. So, I figured that it was high time to share one with you via a video blog!

This is coming in 3 parts, this being part 1! Pre warning, this is some seriously geeky history shit and on top of that it features a lot of my ugly mug and a lot of my droning northern voice…I’m not selling this am I? Anyway, if the background to Wulverblade interests you or you just want to see how much of history obsessed geek I actually am, watch on.

Part 2 will be online next week…If you’re even still awake after watching the first that is ;)

And here are a few photographs that I snapped during the trip. It was great to break out my old camera and get shooting again, its been way too long!

wulverblade-hardknott-pass wulverblade-swinside-stone-circle wulverblade-swinside-stone-circle-02
  • Aaron Emmett Hughes

    After talking to one of you guys last year at the play expo, i decided to visit mediobogdum, it was hell of a drive, but well worth the view and the cup of tea i made in the remains of the commandants quarters