Wulverblade hits the (printed) press!

Hey Everyone, As a lifetime games obsessed geek, the thought of making my dream game was dream enough, but the prospect of getting it previewed in print based magazines was something else entirely. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard that Wulverblade was being previewed in not one but two mags this month got me SO EXCITED :) Official Xbox Magazine gave us a gloriously large amount of space to showcase one of your screenshots…

Photo 29-04-2014 11 39 56 And X-One magazine were kind enough to give us our own little preview! Yey!

Photo 29-04-2014 11 40 57 I need to go away and stare at these for at least an hour. Back soon ;) Mike.

  • Alecs Pillik

    That’s great news! Can’t wait for Wulverblade, it’s looking better and better every time I see it!